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Tantra is a Portuguese prog rock band formed in 1975. Tantra was put together by two musicians, the guitarist Manuel Cardoso and the keyboardist Armando Gama. With two other musicians, the bassist Américo Luis and the drummer Tó Zé Almeida, they established what would be Tantra. Tantra released their debut studio album “Mistérios E Maravilhas” in 1978. The album did bring them to public as the only Portuguese prog rock act to be able to put out albums and back them up with live concerts all over the country. It was in this context that appeared the famous live show at Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon where thousands of fans were present.


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For fans of the prog rock music of the good old days like me, the 70’s, “Terra” is an excellent album. It represents, fortunately, the return of this great Portuguese prog band to their original roots. Manuel Cardoso decided to revive the musical concept of Tantra even picked up the main motif of their debut album, “À Beira Do Fim” (“Edge Of Oblivion”). I’m amazed by the tension, emotion and passion of “Terra”. They’re playing a kind of a symphonic prog rock fusion with a warm Latin touch, mainly due to the Portuguese vocals. “Terra” has a fantastic sound. This music is for the adventurous prog fans that aren’t afraid to try music outside of the traditional Anglo- Saxon prog music with its lyrics in English. Of course this album has a natural target audience amongst Portuguese/Brazilian progsters. The lyrics would help to paint the full picture of “Terra”. “Terra” is an album that needs some patience to be fully appreciated.

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