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Assintonia Hertziana” is the materialization of the longtime dream of performing on radio like most of our favourite acts [Carcass, Napalm Death] did back in the day. Caught on tape is the complete and honest performance of our 2014-2015 setlist, which we had the chance to unleash live at Party.San Open Air, Neurotic Deathfest and New York Deathfest [among others] and that goes through our entire discography .
22 Tracks over 37 Minutes! No cuts, no overdubs, just pure Death / Grind!

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Been there… done that… still doing it!

Hailing from Porto, Portugal, Holocausto Canibal is a force to be reckoned since 1997. Unanimously considered one of the most unique and well known Portuguese extreme bands, they travelled through more European countries that you can think of and crossed the Atlantic for extensive tours in Brasil and the USA. The audience span reaches the depths of the most obscure venues to the highlights of mainstream art exhibitions and national TV in an unique case of success, longevity, notoriety and proficiency in extreme music and performances. In its 22nd year of existence, Holocausto Canibal will keep on spreading the sickness and shocking audiences with their own unique brand of extremity.
No Hiatus. No Comebacks. No Reunions. More Than 2 Decades of Continuous Bloodshed!