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Jorge Marques, lead vocals. Paulo Barros, guitars and vocals. José Aguiar, bass and vocals. Luís Barros, drums, keyboards and vocals.

Portuguese heavy metal group from Valadares (Gaia – Oporto) formed in 1981 by Luís and Paulo Barros initially under the name Mac Zac. In 1985 after a significant line-up change a new and definitive moniker was adopted; Tarantula.

So far Tarantula published eight studio albums – the most recent; “Spiral of Fear”. Toured and did innumerous concerts as headliners and as a support act for some of the most revered artists (Deep Purple, Motorhead, Testament, Manowar, Helloween, Gamma Ray…), literally built their own recording facility – Rec ‘n’ Roll Studios, and a music school.

Along with the production duties in Tarantula, multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer Luís Barros, taught and recorded hundreds of portuguese newcomers during the last three decades. He also takes credit for the musical direction and the recording process in Paulo Barros solo albums – a fourth instrumental proposal is on its way.

Besides his leading role in Tarantula, his teaching appointments and his solo enterprise, including some gigs as an opening artist for Slash (Guns ‘n’ Roses) and Joe Satriani, Paulo Barros conducted a couple of Disney musical plays in straight collaboration with his band mates; the bassist José Aguiar and the singer and lyricist Jorge Marques – also a well-regarded painter.


Demo ’85 Demo 1985
Demo ’86 Demo 1986
Tarantula Full-length 1987
Kingdom of Lusitania Full-length 1990
Tarantula III Full-length 1993
Freedom’s Call Full-length 1995
Freedom’s Call Single 1995
Ritual Rock – Vol.III Split 1997
Light Beyond the Dark Full-length 1999
Dream Maker Full-length 2001
Metalmorphosis Full-length 2005
Spiral of Fear Full-length 2010
Thunder Tunes From Lusitania 2021*

* released by Larvae Records