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HAEMORRHAGE self-injected itself into the world with the Grotesque Embryopathology cassette demo in 1992. Two splits with Exhumed and Christ Denied followed before the release of their debut album, Emetic Cult, via Morbid Records. The band went on to release four more full-length albums (Grume [1997], Anatomical Inferno [1998], Morgue Sweet Home [2002], and Apology for Pathology [2006]) with Morbid Records; alongside dozens of splits with Impaled, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Disgorge, Dead Infection, Nunslaughter, and more.

In 2011, HAEMORRHAGE signed with Relapse Records for the release of Hospital Carnage, featuring fifteen ferocious tracks of murderous death metal, replete with guttural vocals, meaty riffs and powerful blast beats that convey the primordial spirit of goregrind’s early days. In 2017, with the addition of new drummer Erik Raya, HAEMORRHAGE is set to spew forth their most ferociously (de)composed album to date with their seventh studio album. We Are The Gore is an album dedicated to the people who work in the “dark side of reality.”


Grotesque Embryopathology Demo 1992
Exhumed / Haemorrhage Split 1995
Obnoxious / Thy Horned God Split 1995
Emetic Cult Full-length 1995
Scalpel, Scissors and Other Forensic Instruments Demo 1996
Grind over Europe ’96 Split 1996
Grume Full-length 1997
Damnable / Haemorrhage Split 1997
Promo Tape ’98 Demo 1998
Creation of Another Future / Untitled Split 1998
Untitled / The Cadaverous Carnival Split 1998
Surgery for the Dead / I Don’t Think So Split 1998
Anatomical Inferno Full-length 1998
Scalpel, Scissors… and Other Forensic Instruments Compilation 2000
Haemorrhage / Embolism / Suffocate / Obliterate Split 2000
Loathesongs EP 2000
Untitled / Do You Still Believe in Hell? Split 2001
Dawn in the Rotting Czech / Reek Split 2001
Zur Stille finden / Live in the Morgue Split 2002
Morgue Sweet Home Full-length 2002
Dementia Rex Split 2003
Visions from the Morgue Video 2004
Live to Dissect / Tufo de Carne Descompuesta Split 2004
Cut God Out / Feasting on Purulence Split 2005
Apology for Pathology Full-length 2006
Buried / Furtive Dissection Split 2006
Haematology: The Singles Collection Compilation 2007
The Kill Sessions Live album 2007
Chainsaw Necrotomy / Untitled Split 2008
Furniture Obsession / …in Gore We Trust… Split 2009
Demo 2010 Demo 2010
Morgue Metal Split 2011
Hospital Carnage Full-length 2011
Hospital Thieves / Horror Will Hold You Helpless Split 2011
Grindcore EP 2012
Punk Carnage EP 2012
Sucio Policia Single 2013
911 (Emergency Slaughter) / Shit Evolution Split 2013
Live Carnage: Feasting on Maryland Live album 2013
Obnoxious EP 2014
To Serve – To Protect… To Kill – To Dissect / Great Grinds Drink Alike Split 2016
We Are the Gore Full-length 2017
Haematology II: The Singles Collection Compilation 2018
Fallen in Gore Split 2018
The Forensick Files Compilation 2019