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GOLDENPYRE is Death Metal, twisted and obscure, with no faith in humanity.
GOLDENPYRE is a bulldozer grinding steel, slowly and painfully.
GOLDENPYRE is a savage grimness, a dark spirit that dwells in the underground.
GOLDENPYRE is In Eminent Disgrace. Believe in Nothing.
GOLDENPYRE was created in Barroselas, Portugal in 1997.

First demo “Apocryphal” was released in 1998 and second “Necroterrorism” in 2001.

Main release “Decrepidemic” was recorded in 2003, followed by the split CD “Atrocities” in 2005. In between the releases the band played about 100 shows and tours all around Europe with Suffocation, Behemoth, Nile, Destroyer 666 and various other bands.

The new album was planned for 2009, but just few months after the recordings the new vocalist Jarder died and the band entered in a big hiatus. When the time was right, the songs started to take shape in the studio and the release was re-planned for 2017 at the 20 th edition of SWR BARROSELAS METALFEST. Six of the best labels in Portugal joined their hands and prepared one of the most anticipated releases in a long time.


“In Eminent Disgrace” CD+TAPE 2017
“Atrocities” SPLIT CD 2005 (Life Fluid Productions)
“Decrepidemic” CD 2003 (Exorcize Music)
“Necroterrorism” TAPE 2001 (Self-Released)
“Apocryphal” TAPE 1998 (Self-Released)