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Xeque-Mate – “Em Nome do Pai, do Filho e do Rock’N’Roll”

Artist: Xeque-Mate
Label: Larvae Records
Release Date: 27-9-2020
Genre: Heavy Metal


1. Xeque-Mate: "Às do Volante"

About Album

Considered by many, the number one Heavy Metal album from Portugal! Xeque Mate’s LP from 1985 is a masterpiece of NWOBHM sounding!
This reedition for the first time ever on CD, includes also as bonus tracks 2 songs from the 7’’ EP (1981) and an unreleased song (1985). The Digipack features also an extensive 20 pages booklet filled with rare and never seen memorabilia.

Also available for the first time ever on Tape.

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