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V/A – “Shredding Extravaganza”

Artist: V/A
Label: Larvae Records
Release Date: 11-1-2021
Genre: Guitar Players

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1. Pedro Mendes - "Zero Coma"

About Album

Besides being one of the most iconic and fascinating instruments in Rock music, the Guitar is undoubtedly a fascinating platform of musical expression. As a work in perpetual progress, it reivents itself with each style, culture and generation. The overwhelming techniques waving through the hands of a gifted player – whether it is a far wholetone bending, a subtle vibrato, a gentle tapped arpeggio or a furious ascending fast picking lick that progresses through the neck until it resolves in multiple tremendous dive bomb artifacts – still manage to shot the audiences into oblivion.

SHREDDING EXTRAVANGANZA gathers a few – of the many – Portuguese shredders that we most admire, because a cd playing time is not enough to display the amount of talent i’m surrounded with. Larvae Records brings to you seventeen guitar players, from the most influential and established to the modern uprising stars.

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