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Unfleshed – “Twisted Path to Mutilation”

Artist: Unfleshed
Label: Larvae Records
Release Date: 5-12-2020
Genre: Death Metal


1. Unfleshed - "Cadaveric Intercourse"

About Album

After two decades of existence, time has finally come to unleash their debut album, also including as bonus their acclaimed “Exhuming The Bastards” (EP 2000), remastered for this release.
Twelve songs over a fleeting hour injected with impious inexorable old school Death Metal, that will surely satisfy the most avid devotees of Suffocation, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Sinister…and Savage Death Metal!
Audio carnage for your hideous Death Metal self-indulgence, buy now or hang yourself in your own visceral entrails later!!!

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