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Important news regarding GANGRENA’s boxset and vinyls.

In these strange times, more often than labels want/desire, there are major delays on vinyl productions, for several reasons, completely out of the labels (and also factories) responsibility. Unfortunately, we are not an exception, and we regret to inform all the buyers of the GANGRENA vinyl editions that we will have to wait for a few more weeks to get the physical products on our hands, to be immediately distributed to all those of you who are, like ourselves, eagerly waiting for the wax version of this classic album. There is some light at the end of the tunnel, because we were informed the test presses should be here in a couple of weeks, meaning it’s now closer than ever (crossing fingers!).
At the same time, we are facing an unexpected delay with the customs process regarding the patches and pins. Both these items (and the vinyl) are included in the limited boxset, so it’s impossible for us to start shipping it.

Again, we’re working HARD to get all this issues cleared and solved. Hopefully, everything will be solved in a matter of weeks! More info and news will be posted as soon as possible!

Thank you all very much for your patience!

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